FENG-SHUI FENG SHUI FENG SHUI Literally means wind and water.

Feng Shui is concerned with balancing the relationship between the five natural elements of the nature in our living environment. FENG SHUI is an ancient CHINESE art of science to become harmonious with the Energy field of universe. Feng Shui helps you to harness the Five basic elements of Nature ( Earth Wood, Fire, Air and Water).Feog Shui is an art of arranging and selecting the living and work environment to inherent the possive Energy field to benefit you and your family. Feng Shui creates favorable Energy fields around your home and your office to enhance the good fortune. It reduces the loss whenever bad luck strikes due to Birth star ill luck and other factors. Every individual is born with Heaven Luck (Birth star), Man Luck (human effort) and Earth Luck (Feng Shui). Heaven Luck cannot be relied upon to be consistently good or bad, but changes as the configuration of your stars change. man luck depends solely on individual education, family back ground and right effort put in a positive way. The Earth Luck is none other than Feng Shui, integral deeply in our living surroundings, which is only in our control to manipulate and strengthen our personal environment. FENG SHUI Enhances the success in whatever you do at work. Feng Shui opens new opportunities for advancements, happiness and helps to attract mentors and other patrons who can improve your prospect, when we place ourselves in a good location. FENG SHUI ENHANCES ENERGY FIELDS IN AND AROUND YOUR HOME AND OFFICE WITHOUT DEMOLITION. FENG SHUI - AN ORIENTAL ART TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PROSPERITY Money Fame Health Relationship Career Knowledge FENG SHUI CONSULATION
    a) Selecting a prosperous site for building a house or office and the Best Orientation / main Door for the builiding with detailed study of your premises integrating Vaastu & Feng Shui to personally suit your birth star and your Family members / Business Partners Date of Birth.
    b) Allocating the different parts of the house for specific functions according to the directions on which the house faces as per Elight mansion's compass School.
    C) Interior design and allocation of various locations such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, toilets & utilities and recommending colouirs for Builiding Interior & Exteriors
    d) Interior design and allocation of various departments for factories and offices
    e) Personalized Feng Shui Design with Auspicious dimensions for Custom Design Main Doors, Office Desk, Dining Tables and other furniture & placements to circulate good energy.
    F)Selection of appropriate rooms for individual members of the company or family according to their status and birth star.
    G) Personalized Feng Shui analysis reports of individual family memeber with Lucky Colours.
    h) Compability study between Business partners, Husband & Wife, family members with respect to each other for Cordial Relationship.
    i) Finding the missing corners & Extended corners, Recommending corrections wherever required and suggesting Minimum Feng Shui figurine & Enhances according to your Birth Star, Year Star & Flying star remendies every year and also remendies for any specific problem.
OFFSITE CONSULAT1ON A full and detailed Feng Shui analysis of flat / house! office involves careful study on the spot inspection, measurement of dimensions & directions. Personal Consulatations with the occupants regarding their future with respect to their Birth Star. Feng Shui requires a detailed study of physical environment and interior layout, as such it is difficult to provide remote Feng Shui services without site visit. However, it is possible to provide a professional opinion on a house! office without site inspection provide following information is made available.
    a) Approximate age and detailed sketch of the buinding showing its measurements, Main entrances &Main objects in the surroundings.
    b) A floor plan of house / office / unit within the builiding showing compass directions.
    c) Date of Birth and status of family members or business partners.
    d) Compass direction in degrees of the Main Door to be accurately specified.