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FENG SHUI is an ancient CHINESE art of science to become harmonious with the Energy field of universe. Feng Shui helps you to harness the Five basic elements of Nature ( Earth Wood, Fire, Air and Water).Feog Shui is an art of arranging and selecting the living and work environment to inherent the possive Energy field to benefit you and your family. Feng Shui creates favorable Energy fields around your home and your office to enhance the good fortune. It reduces the loss whenever bad luck strikes due to Birth star ill luck and other factors. Every individual is born with Heaven Luck (Birth star), Man Luck (human effort) and Earth Luck (Feng Shui). Heaven Luck cannot be relied upon to be consistently good or bad, but changes as the configuration of your stars change. man luck depends solely on individual education, family back ground and right effort put in a positive way. The Earth Luck is none other than Feng Shui, integral deeply in our living surroundings, which is only in our control to manipulate and strengthen our personal environment. FENG SHUI Enhances the success in whatever you do at work. Feng Shui opens new opportunities for advancements, happiness and helps to attract mentors and other patrons who can improve your prospect, when we place ourselves in a good location. FENG SHUI ENHANCES THE SUCCESS IN WHATEVER YOU DO AT WORK. FENG SHUI OPENS NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADVANCEMENTS, HAPPINESS AND HELPS TO ATTRACT MENTORS AND OTHER PATRONS WHO CAN IMPROVE YOUR PROSPECT, WHEN WE PLACE OURSELVES IN A GOOD LOCATION.

This Website is meant for the common man to try to help himself in his various aspects of life like health, wealth, relationships etc. The procedures and the methods described in this Website are sufficent enough for small improvements to solve minor difficulties in life by energizing the house using symbolic feng shui, Which is like Vitamins of the medical Sciences. A generally healthy person, without any Serious or major illness, can improve his health with vitamins, but vitamins are not of much use in case of any serious or major illness, where in detailed treatment is necessary. If you have any serious or major problem in life, a detailed FLYING STAR AND EIGHT MANSIONS FENG SHUI AUDIT of your home and office becomes necessary. APPLY FENG SHUI IN YOUR LIFE YOU WILL BE GRACED WITH HEALTH, WEALTH, EVER LASTING HAPPINESS AND PEACE.